The Heritage Truck Catering Company is a combined effort of seasoned food truck owners from Boston’s initial pilot program that started in 2011. Our staff is made up of individuals who started from the very beginning of the program, learned many valuable lessons along the way, and together make up a winning team. We’re here to serve up farm fresh, local and organic where we can, and delicious fare from street lunch grab ‘n’ go to your most fabulous catered event.

We call Stock Pot Malden home, but are completely mobile with a state of the art kitchen. If mobile catering isn’t what you’re looking for, then ask us about our traditional catering services.


Chef David Stein

Executive Chef David Stein


Chef Stein is a veteran chef, moving to the greater Boston area in ’87 after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America.  David has years in fine dining, catering, consulting, corporate dining and restaurant ownership. He has a deep commitment to working locally and seasonally, and has developed a wide network of purveyors in the 29 years cooking in the Boston area.  Chef Stein’s cuisine reflects the broad swath of ethnicities and regionalisms he has been exposed to and cooked with over a long career, seen through the lens of a classically trained chef. He recently got his B.S. in Culinary Management from the Arts Institute of Pittsburgh Online. The chef was one of the first locally to marry a career in fine dining with the fun and funkiness of the food truck revolution and has been using a truck as his catering platform since 2012 when he rolled out GoFish and Brother Trucker Commissary, now the two Stock Pot Malden facilities.